I know what i will do

I was thinking about this and  the result is

Find what you love to do . i love to take photo , wathch movies and tv show ,travel , web bowsing , design !. and this is  i love to do lot of thing but the design is something can be usable in this case. i love take photo and travel …. but these cant make money for me ( maybe you can make money of takin gphoo for example but me ? no im am amateur ) so i chose my category to working on an idea .

Design what ?
(let’s be honest im a designer and i have a design studio but i want to work on this project from nothing ! a zero to hero project )

i can design theme but I am not professional ( but i can be on of this big millionaire of making money by web design ) in of do not believe me just look at this list of top author on theme forest .

How can i do this ? right there theme first is my battlefield !

list Zero to hero of to-do

  1. make a plan for designing theme
  2. choose a brand name
  3. make a logo for it
  4. make a web page for it
  5. see what people want on theme-forest
  6. make a paper work of that theme
  7. Design that theme
  8. sent it to the admin of Theme-forest
  9. fix it if there is something wrong in that theme
  10. Drink a coffee and see the result .

the top list on every level will be linked to the post i will write about that. and maybe sub list

have fun  and wish me luck .