My idea is having an idea !

I think the best way to be success in having a grate idea so ho w can i have on of this tiny shiny things !?

Sometime i speak with myself ” why not you Mohsen  out there every one have a grate idea and you are going like lazy pink turtle his think have 1000 year to go to somewhere and still walking slowly .. be a dreamer Rabbit  ” i know there is something special is in me and i mus founding this but how ?

  1. I must know what i want from my life ?
  2. How i cant get it ?
  3. get it

let’s be honest this is not very easy like this three line but i believe everyone can do this by and Idea .

In this fact i answered fist and secont qusetion whit my self. th first is “being happy” the second answer is having money .
this is hoplely  an know what i want but how can i get more money ? to find answer i must ask my self want i am good at it ? i want to think about this and until next think about this and find aright answer for a “do something an get more money ”

This post in going to update in next 3 hours.