To blog or not to blog !

So this is it. My new dear useless ! blog .

i don’t know this blog can be helpful for other reader or not but i think it can help me for my English. i know it’s Terrible. but thanks to  some genus in Google who said ” hey guys let’s develop some translator for Illiterate.  and Taaa daaa know i cant blogging in English !.

so what i want to write ?

did you know why they say this magic thing Weblog ?? i read  in some where this it starting by  some guys who publishing his web log  when he like something in web share this in a page and again i want to say tadaaaaa (I like this word after joker say it in batman dark knight) ! this is weblog and years passing , the word changed  to weblog …  ebog … blog !
i want to share some diaries of my life and sharing everything i enjoyed  in the life

hey what the hell is this word in my editor by red under line ? this mean i type all of this wrong? so lest correct  this . 1 min please wait ….

this take me 5 min and have 30 wrong word !