My idea is having an idea !

I think the best way to be success in having a grate idea so ho w can i have on of this tiny shiny things !?

Sometime i speak with myself ” why not you Mohsen  out there every one have a grate idea and you are going like lazy pink turtle his think have 1000 year to go to somewhere and still walking slowly .. be a dreamer Rabbit  ” i know there is something special is in me and i mus founding this but how ?

  1. I must know what i want from my life ?
  2. How i cant get it ?
  3. get it

let’s be honest this is not very easy like this three line but i believe everyone can do this by and Idea .

In this fact i answered fist and secont qusetion whit my self. th first is “being happy” the second answer is having money .
this is hoplely  an know what i want but how can i get more money ? to find answer i must ask my self want i am good at it ? i want to think about this and until next think about this and find aright answer for a “do something an get more money ”

This post in going to update in next 3 hours.


Get the result

I have long conversation whit my friend about my life style and I’m not Upset about about this. maybe someone don’t want to talk about their life but me are friend and we talk about this sometimes Loud talking but after all we most know each other.

I think you are not suppose to tell some one “ hey you are bad in leaving and this is your mistake . here . see?  you cant see and I’m am show it to you idiot ! ” this language make other upset you must in first step tell him about somethings he is good at it. show him he can be a successful man. but here it is . this little peace of puzzle of success in missing i have it take it and use .

I think  ” this because we can justify each other . we must accept Everyone has his own way of life. “

Earthguake in Tabriz :-(

I found last nigh a earthquake happened in Iran –  Tabriz . i am looking for someway to help them . maybe giving blood money or some staff like blanket or tent . we want peace in Iran . know the nature . over 250 people dire and 1800 injured until now .

see some photo here , here and here

To blog or not to blog !

So this is it. My new dear useless ! blog .

i don’t know this blog can be helpful for other reader or not but i think it can help me for my English. i know it’s Terrible. but thanks to  some genus in Google who said ” hey guys let’s develop some translator for Illiterate.  and Taaa daaa know i cant blogging in English !.

so what i want to write ?

did you know why they say this magic thing Weblog ?? i read  in some where this it starting by  some guys who publishing his web log  when he like something in web share this in a page and again i want to say tadaaaaa (I like this word after joker say it in batman dark knight) ! this is weblog and years passing , the word changed  to weblog …  ebog … blog !
i want to share some diaries of my life and sharing everything i enjoyed  in the life

hey what the hell is this word in my editor by red under line ? this mean i type all of this wrong? so lest correct  this . 1 min please wait ….

this take me 5 min and have 30 wrong word !